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Return policy

Return policy

Our experience has shown that our customers opt for return seldom – next to never. The main return reason is a mismatched size.

Specific nature of vintage clothing stock means also that as a rule there’s a single copy and –respectively – a single size of every item in the collection. Moreover over the past decades standard clothing sizes have changed many times that is why the nominal size of a vintage item shown on the tag and the real size of the item – assuming it was produced nowadays – can differ.

To make size selection more accurate and grant our clients full confidence when buying online, we publish basic measurements of each piece of clothing (in centimeters). Studying our «Help» section and careful item selection using several measurements make the necessity to return the item after it has been bought almost out of question.

However if the item you have bought still does not suit you for any reason, we’ll accept its return or exchange it in accordance with the current legislation and our Offer. The product may be exchanged or returned in case it was not in use, its marketable appearance and our trademark tag are intact. For further details on our return and exchange policy please consult our Offer.