Resale is the main fashion trend of the 21st century. For those who try it once, it certainly becomes a lifestyle. Besides that, it is very important for a modern person to be aware of the environmental friendliness of this approach, thus actively showing responsibility for the planet and its future.

Today you become trendy not when you know how to buy, but when you know how to sell in the resale market. In that way you can refresh your wardrobe and have experiments with your own style unlimitedly and be ahead or even out of any fashion trends. Walk into a boutique with a bag of one color and leave with completely different? Easy. And it's wonderful!

Another benefit of resale is the opportunity to gain luxury items, the growth in value of which allows you to overtake inflation. Not just to acquire unique items, but also turn consumption into a stylish and smart investment. Who said it's not for girls?

The luxury fashion resale market is our passion and it is shared by the celebrities we admire. Their choice, media attention, public trust and… you personally right now on our website prove that we are doing the right, beautiful thing, and we are proud of it..

Alina Lysova, Founder and Partner.

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