Why Vintage?


People are known for not noticing slow changes until they become obvious. One aspect of such obvious changes is audible language.

As a child I often heard the words “the art of fashion.” I always perceived these words as a natural part of a larger world of beauty inhabiting museums, art exhibitions, and colourful catalogues. Nowadays we get indoctrinated with another idiom – “fashion industry.” Fashion has been transformed from a magical world of beauty into the harsh reality of money, retail chains, and mass production. A subtle change of words signified a major change in the world of fashion itself. A masterpiece has made way for a product.

I am in love with true fashion masterpieces: hand-made and unique. But what should we do if we see less and less of them? We are forced to search and look for the traces of the past, the lost beauty which appears to be not only more interesting, but also more contemporary, and if you wish, more luxurious than the fashion we see now. This lost beauty is the essence of what I call “vintage,”

Acquiring and collecting vintage items is a trend gaining momentum all over the world. There are many reasons to start collecting vintage, the most important being probably the following:

  • Due to mass production and globalization luxury goods no longer comply with the expected level of quality;
  • Luxury goods lost their exclusivity;
  • Fashion constantly recycles itself, that is why vintage items are timeless and can be preserved for generations to come, even as an investment asset.

Why Voyage?

Every piece of our collection is selected with passion and commitment. The most precious gems are stowed away in the coffers of the high  society in Europe and America, and that is why our search involves a lot of travelling and interacting with the charming owners of these vintage treasures.


Every item from our collection looks as fashionable and contemporary as it did when it was first shown to the public decades ago, proving that nothing really goes out of fashion. We specialize in premier luxury brands, such as Chanel, Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Lanvin, Gucci, Balmain, Rolex, but in our store you can also find garments by the "extinct" or less famous fashion houses such as Balenciaga, Geoffrey Beene, Paloma Picasso, Galanos, Arnold Scaasi, Elsa Schiaparelli and many others.
All the items in our store are real vintage pieces, either in perfect condition or with minor defects that only add charm and finesse to vintage collectibles.

One has to admit, Vintage Voyage's three core values, though not unique, are quite rare: providing consistent high quality, paying  exceptional attention to details and the desire to build long-lasting relations with our clients.
Let us take you on a voyage, either here, on the Web, or in our shop on Kuznetsky Most street at the very center of Moscow.

See you soon :)
Alina Lysova, the owner