Scottish Chic: Chanel Paris–Edinburgh 2013 show

February 21, 2024

Discover the iconic Chanel Paris-Edinburgh 2013 collection, presented in a majestic castle

One of the most memorable collections of Chanel is Paris-Edinburgh 2013, which was shown at Linlithgow Palace of the XII century, the ancient residence of the Stuarts. The show was opened by Stella Tennant, an aristocrat who grew up in Scotland, one of Karl Lagerfeld's favorite models. Chanel's original Parisian proportions combined with the ancient tradition of using Scottish wool.

Tweed, knitwear, tartan plaid, kilts and Chanel masculine motifs, this jacket is the quintessence of style, straight from a Scottish castle.

Chanel jacket from the Paris-Edinburgh 2013 collection

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