Polka dot: the history of the print

November 22, 2023

"Polka dots fashion never ends" — how did this print appear?

The English version of the name of the polka dot print, appeared during the frenzied popularity of the polka dance. When everyone in Europe was literally going crazy over a popular Czech curiosity, merchants added a new word to their goods to make them sell better. And only the expression "dots in a polka" has been fixed in history — the playful print is really somewhat reminiscent of a fast live dance.

Christian Dior can be considered as the guide of the "peas" to the world of high fashion. In "The Little Dictionary of Fashion", the couturier wrote about this pattern: "It is cute, refined, light and always relevant. Polka dot is never boring. This motif is for all occasions, you just need to select the colors correctly". Another designer who made repeating circles on the fabric really fashionable and desirable was Yves Saint Laurent. This post is dedicated to him, headed by pictures of Renata Litvinova wearing an YSL dress of the 1970s from our collection.

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