Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele speaks and shows

July 20, 2023

Goals – to have the same Chanel collection as Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele :) Carlyne is the author of Anna Wintour's first cover in Vogue US and the only stylist to whom Gianni Versace trusted. She calls her way of dealing with images as "my salad", it were she who started to combine the fashionable with the everyday in gloss and extolled street style.

Here are a few quotes of Carlyne that help you understanding her better than any other words:

I love the streets because I like combining of different things, I like to see what exactly people wear with a Chanel bag. It doesn't seem to me that chic is items that worth tens thousands dollars. No, this is a story about personal style and your personal way of wearing clothes.

I don't understand why to take an image from the podium and print it in a magazine — everyone is able to see them themselves, everyone has the Internet. The point is to take this, add this, mix — and voila, you have something new, something of your own.

People leaf through magazines that have become like product catalogs and think they know what style is. But all they know is the range of stores this season. And style is the luxury of being yourself and the ability to live effortlessly.

I've always hated artificiality, never followed any trend — don't even ask me about them, I don't know anything. That's why I remain an outsider — I love fashion, but I don't chase it.

Nothing is "out of fashion" for me, nothing, nothing, nothing!

Do you share Carlin's views?

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