Chanel gown and Yves Saint Laurent clutch

Chanel jacket and accessories

Chanel ensemble, Hermès handbag and Lawrence Vrba bracelet

Chanel suit and Hermès handbag

Yves Saint Laurent gown and Chanel accessories

Chanel gown and bracelet

Chanel dress, brooch and watch

Christian Dior hat and Chanel ring

Yves Saint Laurent clutch and Chanel accessories

Chanel necklace

Chanel ensemble and Hermès handbag

Chanel dress, Hermes handbag and accessories

Christian Dior dress and J-de-G clip-on earrings

Oscar de la Renta gown, Chanel bracelet and Castlecliff necklace

Yves Saint Laurent gown, Chanel accessories and Hermes handbag

Oscar de la Renta gown and Chanel bracelet

Chanel belt

Hermès handbag

Today's fashion seems to constantly balance between the two most memorable decades: the 1960s, with its revolutionary spirit, crazy experiments and freedom of form and colour, and the 1970s with its elegant shapes, comfort and flowing silhouettes. The new Vintage Voyage look-book is also defined by this constant tug-of-war between these two decades both fashion and film-making were great. Oxana On, posing in the elegant surroundings of a penthouse suite, evokes the spirit of some of the most legendary films of that time. Wearing the orange Christian Dior or the yellow Chanel dress, she looks like Romy Schneider from the Visconti's "Il Lavoro" episode of the "Boccaccio '70." Wearing the white Yves Saint Laurent gown she could be the reincarnation of Anita Ekberg in Fellini's "Le tentazioni del dottor Antonio" episode of the same film. The dark-blue Chanel sequin dress is followed by the embroidered emerald-green Oscar de la Renta gown, like the 1960s are followed by the 1970s. Oxana leaves the hotel wearing the blue tweed Chanel suit and carrying the jet-setter's favourite Hermès Sac Mallete bag filled with the gorgeous Chanel accessories. The Dior hat and the beige Chanel dress are left behind in the hotel room, reminiscent of Visconti's "Conversation Piece" (Italian: "Gruppo di famiglia in un interno") or Antonioni's trilogy. But these cinematographic images are metaphorically shot through the ironic lens of Vogue Japan. That's why the cold silent hotel interiors are lightened up by the playful mischief of the four black kittens. The spirit of the 1960s and the 1970s is very much alive in contemporary fashion and in this photoshoot.

Photographer: Alina Valitova
Stylist: Oksana On
Model: Oksana On


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