Givenchy couture dress and Hermès Mini-Kelly bag

Chanel necklace and couture jacket, Hermès Kelly handbag

Chanel dress and handbag

Yves Saint Laurent dress and velvet cape

Dior couture suit and Hermès Kelly handbag

Chanel tweed jacket and handbag

Yves Saint Laurent dress and Louis Feraud jacket

Oscar de la Renta lace dress

Chanel coat and handbag, Yves Saint Laurent dress

Chanel coat and handbag, Yves Saint Laurent dress

Yves Saint Laurent woolen dress and Gucci Bamboo handbag

All the world’s a stage! We invited six very different but amazingly beautiful and talented women, the actresses Polina and Ksenia Kutepova and Victoria Isakova, the journalist and stylist Katya Mukhina, the singer Musya Totibadze and the model Sasha Fedorova, for each of them to select and try on an item from the Vintage Voyage collection that they think will suit their personalities best. We believe that vintage fashion should not be limited to a certain age or style and allowed our guests total freedom in expressing themselves. Each of our heroines selected something according to her own taste. Ksenia Kutepova picked the bold Christian Dior suit from the 1987. Polina Kutepova looks exquisite and fragile in the Yves Saint Laurent dress. Musya Totibadze looks very festive and energetic wearing the blue sequin Chanel jacket from the 1994 and Sasha Fedorova went for a bohemian look with the beige Chanel jacket from the same decade. Vintage pieces from the same time period even will always look different on different people and will adapt to the personality of their owners. Thus the green velvet Chanel jacket will look casual on Katya Mukhina, but the couture Givenchy dress will look very elegant on Victoria Isakova. One should not be too serious about matching vintage clothes, for example Musya Totibadze is not afraid to match the Arnold Scaasi gown with her sneakers. To think that vintage clothes are the prerogative of only a selected few is as outdated as matching your shoes with your purse. The primary reason to wear vintage is to celebrate your unique style and express your freedom. We believe that our muses have proved that.

Photographer: Nick Sushkevich
Stylist: Alina Lysova
  Nika Shabashova
Model: Victoria Isakova
  Katya Mukhina
  Ksenia Kutepova
  Musya Totibadze
  Polina Kutepova
  Sasha Fedorova


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Summer 2015, All the world’s a stage