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Vogue picks 12 international vintage e-stores

Vogue told about 12 respected vintage stores around the world. Vintage Voyage is the only Russian brand in the survey.


"Alina Lysova's store is based in Moscow on luxury Kuznetsky Most street but also presented online. We are proud to recognize the range of Vintage Voyage in no way inferior to Western counterparts, and many of them left behind. Here is a paradise for collectors: Givenchy, Chanel, Hermès, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta and other brands are represented in the store in all the splendor of its invaluable heritage. Price depends on the rarity of each individual subject, the state of all things – solid five of five. Those who will follow the completions on virtual rails carefully can be rewarded with a true rarity, like a vintage leopard fur coat (such as brought into fashion by Jacqueline Kennedy)." Vogue Russia.


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Vogue picks 12 international vintage e-stores


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