Vintage Voyage in the SNC magazine

Vintage Voyage founder Alina Lysova explains why vintage is always vivid.

There are things that don't last longer then one season, they either go out of fashion or just fall apart. But there are also things that last an eternity and wait for us in our grandmothers' closets, at the flea markets or vintage stores. The owner of Vintage Voyage, Alina Lysova, knows best where to find these vintage treasures that easily beat Zara in terms of concept and style.

"One of the reasons why I love vintage clothes is because they can be easily combined to form a casual or a formal outfit. For the latter I selected a sparkling Oscar de la Renta set from the 1970s.

This set came to us from New York where it used to be a part of a Broadway performer's wardrobe. Its soft pink colour and cut remind me of many Hollywood classics. A plastic Yves Saint Laurent cape finishes the look, making it modern and eclectic.

The base of the second outfit are the Lanvin dress from the 1970s and the Elsa Schiparelli hat from the 1940s.

I selected this Lanvin dress with a geometric print because its bright colour lightens up every dull day and resonates perfectly with my spring mood. It came from California where it belonged to a famous American actress. This lovely Elsa Schiaparelli hat is made from a electric blue silk and is decorated with sequins and large crystals. This hat dates from the 1950s and I bought it a tiny vintage shop on the Saint Sulpice square in Paris. Elsa Schiaparelli is one of my favourite designers, it's a shame that not many of her couture piece survived until today. We have a several of her hats in our shop that will hopefully become museum pieces someday."

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Vintage Voyage in the SNC magazine


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