Vintage and the City: Maria Mikhailova

Vogue star stylist in a charming shooting of photographer Alina Valitova featuring many items from the Vintage Voyage collection


Vogue social editor, the lovely Maria Mikhailova, wearing a vintage tweed Chanel suit accessorized with a Chanel brooch and a velvet Chanel handbag.


Chanel jacket and brooches

look 1-1.jpg

look 1-3.jpg

Hermès "Champignons" blouse and Hermès Kelly bag

look 2-1.jpg

look 2-2.jpg

Yves Saint Laurent set

look 4-1.jpg

look 4-3.jpg

Lanvin set and a suede Gucci Bamboo bag

look 5-2.jpg

look 5-1.jpg

look 5-5.jpg

Photography: Alina Valitova

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Vintage and the City: Maria Mikhailova


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