Girl in Vogue: Marusya Fomina

Actress Marusya Fomina specially for Vogue wearing haute couture dresses from Vintage Voyage collection.

Vogue2012 GiV MarusyaFom-000052720036.jpg
Marusya 2.jpg
Marusya Fomina wearing Chanel velvet jacket and Chanel necklace with Gripoix crystals.

Vogue2012 GiV MarusyaFom-000052700031.jpg
Marusaya 7.jpg
Marusya Fomina in Givenchy embroidered dress.

Vogue2012 GiV MarusyaFom-000052680005.jpg
Vogue2012 GiV MarusyaFom-000052720019.jpg
Marusya Fomina in Yves Saint Laurent lace blouse set.

Stylist: Natalia Turovnnikova
Photographer: Olga Izakson

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Girl in Vogue: Marusya Fomina


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